We've moved & upgraded stories to:

Our main site for for Sissy & ABDL chatting, pictures, & links has also been moved & upgraded. It's at:

Current members should not have to re-register at the new locations. Your memberships have been moved to the new sites. But if you see any problems, please let us know. These are large sites, so I won't notice everything.

The sites should look & behave as they always have, but there are some operational changes. And of course, the addresses & servers are entirely different.

Looking for something else & interesting, or off topics to chat or read about? We've moved our science, technology, paranormal, nature, & off-topic site too (with lots of really cool pictures).
PSK Research is at:

You won't feel uncomfortable or alone there, because it's visited mostly by Betty Pearl users & friends. It's owned entirely by me, so you can expect the same level of privacy, security, & safety as you would from all of Betty Pearl sites.

Beware though, these are not 3 different sections on the same site. These are 3 independent sites on separate servers & domains, that just happen to be owned by the same person. So registering on one will not get you logged into all of them. You have to log into the ones you want to join separately.

Our most popular content is viewable to everyone without being a member most of the time. But during the busiest times, & during security threats or attacks, some pages or sites may only be viewable to members for a few hours to lighten the load on our servers.


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